our Team Fit@Roche Basel

Le van chu

 Le Van Chu

With a lot of emphaty and patience, she is responsible for the organisation and our Customer Care. She is a certified senior clerk for social services and the healthcare system and also holds a trainee instructor.

Katharina behr

Katharina Behr

Katharina started her apprenticeship as a fitness and personal instructor at Fit@Roche in August 2018. She likes to shares her passion for the fitness training with us. 

Raina Keller

As a budding athlete and with her empathy and eye for the individual, Raina will support and advise you in the target design and implementation.

Raina Keller

Dominik Kenne

Dominik Kenne

Every day he is fascinated by physiotherapy with its many facets and possibilities of treatment and in his free time he loves to be in nature, travel and spend time with his family.

jürg bühler

Jürg Bühler 

Jürg started working for Roche in the medical service 20 years ago. He left Roche in 2017 and was able to take over both centers as a self-employed person with the company inicio fitness. 

bettina buggisch

Bettina Buggisch

Since 2012 Bettina is part of Fit@Roche, has specialized in Spiral Dynamics with numerous advanced trainings and passes on her knowledge and motivation with energy.


Marco Stegmueller

Marco Stegmüller

Has been working in the fitness industry since 2010 and is looking forward to working in the profession every day, making the health and well-being of the members his top priority. 

tobias ludwig

Tobias Ludwig

The graduated "health care manager" and passionate handball player passes on his in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for movement. 

Sarah Hostettler - Trainerin.jpeg

Sarah hostettler

Sarah Hostettler

From office rubber to fitness and movement trainer.
In 2020, Sarah swapped her office chair for dumbbells and turned her passion into her profession.
Let your passion infect you too, it is never too late.